Wood Kayak & Canoe Plans for Stitch & Glue and Strip built kayaks

                            LITTLE DUBBER KAYAKS

What is a Dubber?

A Dubber is a little kayak that is easy to build, light to carry, small to store and lots of fun to use!  There are currently two sizes of Dubbers:  the LITTLE DUBBER, which is about 7 1/2 feet long (shown above) and the somewhat larger BIGGER DUBBER, which is exactly the same but stretched to about 9 feet long.

These little boats are designed for fun paddling in calm and protected waters.  They are ideal for ponds, flatwater rivers, lakes and harbors.  They are a true PWC - Personal Water Craft.  They have a unique shape that is wide at the bottom, providing stability, yet are narrow at the top so that they can be paddled easily without the paddle hitting the sides.  There is a foot controlled rudder so steering is breeze!


       The LITTLE DUBBER weighs between 20 to 30 lbs (depending on how much fiberglass you add) and the BIGGER DUBBER weighs between 25 to 35 lbs.


       The LITTLE DUBBER can carry adults up to about 170 lbs but is ideal for people around 150 lbs.  The BIGGER DUBBER can carry adults up to about 200 or so lbs. (There is a prototype Greater Dubber with a capacity for up to about 300 lbs, the plans are not fully worked out but if you have an interest contact me by email or phone about it). The Dubbers were initially designed for adults but of course they are wonderful for children.  Both the LITTLE and BIGGER Dubbers are strictly one person boats.  

       They can be paddled with either a double paddle or a single paddle - the foot controlled rudder does the steering.  They perform very well and are as fast and as easy to paddle as any short, stubby kayak.  The wide bottom (32") makes them have a very high initial stability not withstanding the whale-back sides, the high freeboard makes them relatively dry.


       They are built of 1/8" Luan plywood with epoxy and fiberglass.  The tight curves look hard to make but are really quite easy.  The Dubbers were designed to be easily built by someone with no experience and minimal tools. 


If you have never built anything before this How to Build manual was written for you.   Step by step instructions are given assuming that you do not know anything about building a boat.


Plans Manual:

     I hate dry, boring technical manuals so this is full of stupid and witty humor and makes reading the manual as fun as building and using the boat. 

     Paperback with 70 pages and clear black and white drawings that clearly depict the building process.


The How to Build manual has complete instructions for both the LITTLE and BIGGER DUBBERS.   While full size patterns for the sides and bottom panels are not included, they are easily measured out directly on the plywood from the illustrations included.  A full list of materials is provided.

     Cost of plans manual is $20 and that includes shipping. I am not set up to take orders directly over the internet (I can barely figure out how to make this web site work!).  So ordering a manual is rather low tech.   You have to send a check (you know - those little pieces of paper you write write a draft on - before the advent of credit cards and electronic funds).  Personal, Bank or Money Orders are ok.

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The Little Dubber website has been closed but for those of you who have persevered and found this page the Little/Bigger Dubber building manuals are still available.
1) Bottom and frames 
2) Bend up ends and wire tie on the sides
3) Glue the joints with putty
4) Fiberglass the outside 
5)  Add finishing details
6) Go paddling!