Deck Hardware: 

Two heavy bronze forward cleats with bronze hawser openings.

Heavy bronze midship cleats with bronze closed chocks (in bulwark).

Two heavy bronze aft cleats with bronze closed chocks (in bulwark).


Teak anchor roller platform in good condition.  The platform is heavily built and well supported.  Bronze roller is very good and has a grease fitting.

Lifelines and Rails: 

Stainless steel bow rail is sound and secure.

Bronze stanchions with teak rail cap was all found sound and secure.  Opening rail cap sections lock in place properly.

Cabin side and top teak grab rails found sound and secure.

Bridge deck ladder and rails found sound and secure.  Bridge deck rails have canvas weather cloths.

*  The bridge deck weather cloths are in poor condition – weathered and starting to fail.


Teak swim platform on bronze mounts bolted to transom appears sound and secure.

+  Stainless steel swim ladder on swim platform appears in good condition.  At the last survey a recommendation was made to reinforce the mounting as it flexed the teak too much.  Some reinforcing appears to have been done but it still flexes. A very heavy person may stillcause the teak to break.  The mounting should be reinforced better.


Hatches and Portholes:

Foredeck (forward cabin emergency escape hatch) hatch is fiberglass and teak frame with teak and plexiglass hatch.  The frame and teak are in good condition.

+   The Plexiglas is cracked on two corners (and has silicone sealant applied over the cracks) and is sun crazed.  It does not appear to be currently leaking.  The gasket is weathered and cracked but there is a good overlap on the hatch frame.

Hold up arm and hinges operate properly.


Aft cabin companionway has a fiberglass slider and doors.  These appear in good condition and operated properly.  The top barrel bolt latch is missing.



The main cabin doors appear in very good condition and operated properly.


The main cabin forward windows are windshields for the lower station.  The windows are tempered safety glass. The center section opens.  They were found in good condition.

There are two wipers with washers and these operated properly.  (the middle wiper has been removed).

+  The wiper blade arm on the port side needs replacing and both rubber blades should be replaced.


The side main cabin and lower cabin windows have tempered safety glass with a fixed panel side and a sliding opening section.  The frames and channels all appear in good condition and the glass all appears good except:

+ or *  The starboard aft main cabin window and starboard aft aft cabin lower window panes are cracked.  While they don’t appear to be leaking they should be replaced.  These appear the same as from the 2007 survey and show no leak evidence now either.

Bridge Deck:

Bridge deck was found in good structural condition.  It also has a teak overlay that appears in good condition.

+ The seat upholstery has been removed for storage (found in the cabin).  It is the original and shows some weathering and wear but considering it is original it is in quite good condition. 

Owner made an extra thick seat cushion for the helm seat to raise the helmsman up.


Windshield is main cabin forward windows as noted above. 

Bridge deck has a Plexiglas glare screen around the forward area.  This appears good but does show some scratching.

Dodgers and Canvaswork:

Bimini top with side curtains was not rigged but appears in fair to good condition – some weathering.

Bridge deck weather cloths appear in fair to poor condition.

Various hatch and window covers were found in the boat but were not tried out.


Reportedly there is a full Fairclough canvas winter cover and framework.


Aluminum mast stepped on aft cabin top.  Mast step and partners appear sound and secure. Mast is on a tabernacle and the tabernacle shows no damage or cracks of the welds (a common problem).  Mast shows no damage. Spreaders only support spreader lights.

+  One spreader showed some minor cracking at the mount area and the bolts were loose (these were tightened)

 Masthead found good.  Shrouds are 1 x 19 stainless steel wire with Nicro-press fittings and open bronze turnbuckles – all found good.

   The boom topping lift is rope.  The boom is used (or can be) to hoist up a dinghy.  The topping lift therefore becomes critical to safe use.  The rope is very weathered and the topping block on the mast shows a crack in the weld on the tang.   The block cheeks are also very weathered.   The rope and block need to be replaced (or the block fixed) to insure safe use of the boom.






Danforth H35 rigged on anchor roller – very good.

CQR Plow 25lbs  anchor was buried in aft locker and was not hoisted out to closely inspect.

Anchor rodes: 

5/16” all chain rode on rigged primary anchor (length unknown).

+   Chain shows some rusting – galvanizing worn off in the first 50’ or so.

1” nylon rode length unknown with a short section of 5/16” chain on CQR plow in aft locker.


Ideal capstan type windlass was found in very good condition and operated well.   The motor and wiring connections appear very good.  There is a main power shutoff at the interior service panel.  Foot switches on deck are very good except:

 The label for “Down” on the anchor windlass foot switch is missing.  It is an important safety thing to have these clearly labeled so the unit is not accidently run the wrong way (that can cause injury).  Put on a new label.

 Helm switch at bridge (surveyor does not like windlasses to be remotely operated.  They should only be operated at the windlass for proper control).

Ground Tackle Notes:

Primary anchor system is ok but chain is showing rusting.

Secondary system is buried in aft locker and is not well balanced (5/16” chain to 1” nylon line – all on a relatively small anchor – 25 lbs is not adequate for this vessel) could be upgraded.

+ Port locker door under anchor platform hinge is pulling loose and door hard to shut.

+  Deck box behind anchor platform – lid hinges have all pulled out.




Joinerwork and D้cor:

Built up interior of teak veneered plywood and teak trim. Teak parquet sole.  Cosmetic panels and vinyl fabric overhead.

Interior was found in good to very good condition for its age. The woodwork and finish is for the most part in very good condition and although the vessel has been used a lot it shows no hard use or abuse.  The main cabin upholstery is original and in good condition – this surveyor originally thought that it was newer!  The bunk cushions have been replaced with newer thicker foam however they have no fitted covers.

+  The main cabin sole shows some typical finish wear and probably could stand for a re-varnish job.   Light wear on the finish in high traffic areas as expected and could use some refinishing.

+  Paint finish on walls of forward and aft cabin is peeling in some places.

+ Interior overall need some cleaning.


Galley Stove System: 

Princess three burner with oven electric stove.  Appears very good.  Operated properly.  Needs cleaning.

Propane System: 


Note: if a propane system is installed it should be done to ABYC standards and a bilge fume detector alarm installed.


Two ice boxes with stainless steel interiors. Each unit has a Marvel refrigeration unit with the units mounted in the engine room below.   The evaporator coils in each ice box show typical paint peeling.  The units operated properly with the cold plates getting down to –11 and –18 at the high setting.

*  U-Line ice maker not working. 

Fresh water System: 

Three copper water tanks in aft locker with about 270 gallon capacity appear in good condition.

Shurflow pressure pump with Jabsco steel accumulator tank appears newer and very good and operated properly as far as tested (winterized).

The head compartments each have a porcelin sink, the galley has a single stainless steel sink. Faucets operated properly.

Shower compartment faucets operated properly.

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