Standing Rig:

1 x 19 stainless steel wire appears in good condition as viewed from deck level.


All terminals are Norseman mechanical type fittings and all appear very good.


Unknown, the mast may have been replaced at some time – it is a Kenyon, which is a very American spar, on a Belgium boat?


Aluminum extrusion with welded aluminum and stainless steel end fittings.

The boom is set up for in mast roller furling and does not have a normal sail slot but has a Harken track on the after half.  The boom appears in good condition.

+  There is some typical wear and slight bending of the gooseneck fittings. Consider upgrading these before offshore voyaging.  The slopping of the boom from this wear and bending causes a misalignment of the mainsail furling wire which has been sawing new larger hole in the exit hole.


Boom support topping lift is by a static wire from the mast with a rope part tackle at the boom end.  All appears in good condition.  The rope shows some weathering.


Mainsheet traveler and tackle appears good however the upper tackle attachment shackle +  is rather small and shows some wear and should be replaced.


Running rig:  

+  Main halyard is double braid polyester in good condition but has a large anchor splice type thimble at the end and there is no shackle.

Jib halyard is double braid polyester and in good condition as far as seen.

Spinnaker halyard is double braid polyester and in good condition as far as seen but is a little weathered.

Other control lines are double braid polyester and in fair to good condition as far as seen.


Two Barlow 24 on mast, starboard one has a loose drum.

Barient 22-39 ST on cabin top with rope clutch.  Winch is a little stiff.

Barient 32 ST two speed primaries in cockpit are a little stiff.


*  Mainsail was not sighted and reportedly had to be cut down to remove it so it is probably no good or at least needs major repair.


Headsail was furled and was not unfurled so no comment is given.


Other Sailing Gear Notes: 

Firdell Blipper radar reflector on mast.

Windex on masthead

TV dish antenna on masthead

Flag halyards on lower spreaders.

Foredeck light on mast.

+ Aft ends of jib tracks on deck do not have end fittings and the corners may be sharp to bare feet.

Boom vang is light duty rope tackle. Mast connection is rather high for it to be much use.

+  Mast boot rubber appears good but cosmetic canvas cover is completely rotted away.




Joinerwork and Décor:

Built up cabinetry of teak veneered plywood and teak trim.  Teak and holly veneered plywood cabin sole, overhead of vinyl covered panels (removable with some work). 

The interior cabinetry appears in overall good condition.  The cabin sole appears in very good condition for the age of the vessel and may be newer.

The upholstery is good.  The main cabin cushions appear to be be newer than original.

+   There is only an air mattress in the aft cabin.


*   The aft cabin has had some owner induced remodeling.  This is rather poorly done.  The original had a partition making two cabins but the owner removed this and made one big cabin, however, there are many areas where the woodwork has been cut or removed and unfinished ends – some of them sharp – stick out and are apparent.  The cabinetry should be all properly finished.


*    There are a number of deck leaks apparent in the interior.  The source of some of these leaks is unknown.  It appears that most of the life line stanchion bolts are leaking, the deck fill fittings are leaking and other fittings may also be leaking.  There also may be some leaks from the toe rail fastenings as well.  There is water staining of cabinetry in various places and some deterioration of cabinetry in other places including in the galley cupboard (stanchion leak). The starboard fuel and water fill fittings are leaking down along the cabinetry at the starboard settee.  The starboard aft stanchion fittings and waste outlet fitting are leaking into the cabinetry in the aft cabin, etc.  See the discussion under “Deck” earlier.


Galley Stove System: 

Force Ten three burner propane.

®   The stove gimball lock does not work.  Fix it so the stove can be secured.


Propane System: 

See under “Fuel” system section.


There are two large ice boxes each with cold plates. 

*  There was an engine driven “Sea Frost” system but it is no longer operational – engine drive parts removed.

+ There is a 120 vac shore power unit under the dinette that apparently runs the starboard ice box cold plate.  This unit powered up and the cold plate was starting to cool down.  The unit is plugged into a loose electrical end – like an extension cord. A previous survey mentioned a shock when holding this connection and accidently touching the control box.  The outlet tests proper polarity however.  It may have been corrected.


Fresh water System: 

Two aluminum water tanks (120 gal reported total) appear good but:

+  Insides of tanks are yucky and need a very good cleaning.

*   Par water pressure pump was not operating. It is probably seized up from lack of use.

®  Pressure fresh water pump wire connections are exposed spade disconnects and the pos. and neg. are right next to each other!  These need to be insulated.


Water heater: 

Appears to be Atlantic stainless steel heater in aft lazarette.  Size unknown but probably about 10 gal.  Unit is secure.  Heat is by 120 vac with breaker or engine hot water through heat exchanger.  Hoses appear good.  Unit was not otherwise tested.


Toilet System: 

Two heads, forward on has a Raritan toilet empties into a Nauta flexible tank which has a Whale Y valve to either deck suck out or a Johnson macerator pump to an overboard.  The aft head has a similar set up.

*   The toilet system needs an overhaul. There is a fair amount of odor from the Nauta tanks.  The fittings are actually leaking waste!  Yuck!  The macerator pumps are seized up from lack of use.  Everything needs a very good cleaning.

®  There is no high loop with siphon break on the toilet intake lines.  These should be fitted (discharges empty into holding tank and overboard discharge seacock should be closed until actual overboard pumping).

®  Poor wiring on holding tank macerator pump - automotive type wire splices into sump pump wiring.  Replace with proper wiring.



®   There is a Force Ten propane heater that has been hose clamp strapped to the mast over the table.  There is a Mickey Mouse vent system and a portable propane tank connection is used.  This system should be removed or properly installed.


Cheap Sony stereo.

Windows, vents etc:

8 opening Gaia aluminum portholes on topsides appear good.

Sliding Plexiglas companionway hatch appears good.

Four fixed Plexiglas main cabin house portlights appear good and have canvas covers.

+   There is some typical minor cracking of the plexi around the screw fasteners.  The sealing mastic does not appear to be fully sealing on the bottom edge of the starboard portlight.  This may allow some water leaks inside if heavy waves wash the deck.


Bilge condition: 

+  Forward bilge was found with a fair amount of water in it (the pumps are not working).  The water was stagnant and dark.

®   Aft bilge under the engine (drip pan area) was found very dirty with apparently emulsified oil in it (reported fuel tank leak here).  This needs to be thoroughly cleaned up.


Other Interior Notes: 

+  Everything needs a good cleaning.

+  Ugly TV/VCR installation inhibits raising seat back. Messy wiring.

Clock and barometer

Oil lamp

+  12 vdc plug in outlet behind stove loose.

+  Sharp Microwave oven loose in boxed in area.

+  Cut and hanging small wire behind stove area (?).

+  A few interior lights not working.


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