Peter A. Hunt Marine Surveyor
9 Smith Street, Norton, Mass. 02766
(508) 285-4984

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If you wish to discuss a potential survey please call me directly. My phone number is (508) 285-4984. I am a one-man office so when I am out the electronic secretary answers my phone. Please leave detailed message and I will return calls when I get back in. I do not generally publish my cell phone number for I believe in staying focused on the job I am doing and not fielding new calls, so please be patient in contacting me.

You can contact me by e-mail as well.

Peter A. Hunt Marine Surveyor

9 Smith Street

Norton, Mass.



This is Annie the Boat Goat.  Actually, she has nothing whatsoever to do with surveying boats and you wouldn't want her on your boat because she wears hard, black-soled shoes and likes to eat dock lines.

When I'm not messing about in boats I can be found messing about with goats - or at least cleaning the mess made by the goats!

How can you not love that face!
Hanna and Bella - the great white marshmallows
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