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Sample Surveys 
The buttons below will take you to a couple sample survey reports.  Every surveyor has a different "style" that they write their reports with.  However, all surveys (S.A.M.S. accredited) should cover a specific content range.  Some surveyors use a sort of "check list" style.  This is easier to write but lacks detail.  I use a much more text style.  This makes report writing time longer (and some insurance companies do not like to wade through all the detail) but I think it gives you the prospective buyer more understanding of what is going on. 
   You will usually see the term "Recommendations" in survey reports.  Different surveyors use the term differently.  I put a general three level heirachy to deficiences.  A "+" in front of the deficiency generally designates a "minor" one.  A "*" in front of the deficiency generally designates a larger deficiency and a circled "R" (R) indicates a "Recommendation for safety and seaworthiness".  Any deficiency that impacts on the vessel's safety or seaworthiness is a "Recommendation for Correction".  These are listed again separately at the end of the survey report. 
   The sample surveys below are actual vessels done recently but the identification information has been deleted.
Kalik 44 sailboat
This boat was below average
Grand Banks 42
Since every vessel is unique the finding and reports will vary considerably.  If you have questions about a type of vessel you are looking at and wish to see a sample of a similar vessel report contact me and I will see if I have anything that would match.
I prefer to survey engine rooms when the vessel is out of the water...
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