Peter Hunt learned to sail at about 5 and built his first boat at 14. He has been building, repairing, cruising and generally "messing about" in boats ever since (over 30 years). Mr. Hunt ran his own boat shop, "The Shed for Sail" for many years in both a full time and part time situation. This shop specialized in building and restoring wooden boats initially but ended up doing major restorations and refitting of modern larger cruising yachts.
Mr. Hunt has done much antique and classic restoration particularly on large mahogany runabouts. Two of his restorations have won awards in antique shows.

Mr. Hunt also worked at Cape Dory yachts for a number of years in both mold room and final assembly and eventually oversaw the interior systems installations on the Cape Dory 28 and 30 model line. He also did prototype work on the Cape Dory 36 and the 28 powerboat. He has a full knowledge of modern fiberglass production boat building.

Since 1996 Mr. Hunt has worked as a full time marine surveyor for Robert N. Kershaw Inc., one of the most regarded survey firms in the New England area. Bob Kershaw started surveying in 1955 at the beginning of the pleasure boating boom. Many of the most respected surveyors in the area are alumni of his office and training. Mr. Hunt is the last of Bob’s "students".

After Bob Kershaw’s retirement in March of 2000, Mr. Hunt has continued the business but under his own name and organization, however, the format and high level of quality remains the same.  Mr. Hunt is an Accredited Marine Surveyor with the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors and a member of the American Boat and Yacht Council.

Peter A. Hunt Marine Surveyor
9 Smith Street, Norton, Mass. 02766
(508) 285-4984
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